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Cumberbatch family history tells the amazing stories, family histories and biographies of people called Cumberbatch from all around the world.

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Bob Cumberbatch

Comberbach Family History

Cumberbatch Family History George William Marshall

The following pages contain the little that is known concerning a family of no social importance, and will consequently only be interesting to those connected with it.

For such they are written, and to such addressed, without any apology for their publication.

Dr George William Marshall 1866

Cumberbatch Family Research

Researching everyone ever called Cumberbatch, its numerous variant spellings and many related families

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The lives of people called Cumberbatch and others

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Genealogies of people called Cumberbatch and others

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Where our surnames came from and their origins

Years of Expert Research

We have been researching since 2000. Using primary and reliable secondary sources we have collected a wealth of information that is being analysed and continuously added to the family tree. Please do get in touch if you have some information to share and to help to enrich the family histories and family trees.

  • Enthusiastic researchers
  • Updated with new information and corrections
  • Surname registered with Guild of One-Name Studies
  • Quality research by a Master Craftsman of the Guild
Cumberbatch Family History Bob Cumberbatch's Master Craftsman of the Guild Certificate
Cumberbatch Family History Bob Cumberbatch with Sir Tony Robinson

Genealogist & Family Historian at Who Do You Think You Are? Live!

Delivered research presentations at Who Do You Think You Are? Live! One of the “Ask the Experts” at the Society of Genealogy research clinics at the show. An Ancestry Advocate providing help and tips on researching family history and genealogy. Here I am with Sir Tony Robinson.

Researching Barbados & Slave Ancestry

Bob is descended from enslaved people on sugar plantations in Barbados. His research into the Cumberbatch name has resulted in him becoming a subject matter expert on researching Barbados records and researching slave ancestry. He spent many years photographing Barbados parish registers, transcribing the entries for everyone called Cumberbatch, storing the data in a database and building family trees.

Cumberbatch Family History Bob Cumberbatch presenting at Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE!

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Memorial Service for the crew of a crashed WW2 Lancaster Bomber

The Dedication of the Plungar Memorial to the crew of Lancaster Bomber ED549 of 100 Squadron including a fly past by The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. ED549 Crew: Flight Sergeant Gerald Russell Avey – Royal Canadian Air Force, Sergeant Benjamin Thomas Hallett – Royal Air Force, Sergeant Alan Havelock Spence – Royal Air Force, Sergeant Greystone Doyle Cumberbatch – Royal Air Force, Sergeant John Robinson – Royal Air Force, Flight Sergeant Rene Rodger Landry – Royal Canadian Air Force, We remember too Sergeant D S Davies who, though injured, survived the crash.

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I was wondering how our families might be connected. I found a heap of information about my family tree on your website, the Grant family. I was curious how/why you came across all of that info and if you had any more, specifically even further back in time than what is shown here?

Cumberbatch Family History Female Head
Laura D


I am researching Thomas Daniel 1762-1854. I’ve found a very informative biography of him on your site, but I wonder how he fits into the Cumberbatch family tree.
I also have a very interesting scrapbook made by Lawrence Henry Cumberbatch during the 19th C. It may well be of some interest to family members. Let me know if any one would like to see is very much a hard copy!

Cumberbatch Family History Male Head
Dave W


I am researching a very secret intellignce organisation in the Admiralty [Room 40] in WW1. One of the operators was a ‘MISS L CUMBERBATCH.’ Can you tell me anything about her, please?

Cumberbatch Family History Male Head
David M


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