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Bob Cumberbatch

Researching everyone called Cumberbatch and its numerous variant spellings including: Comberbach, Cumberpatch, Cumberbirch, Cumberbeach and Cumberlege, Cumberledge and Cumberlidge

Angela Cumberbatch nee Brennan

Has researched ancestors from England & Ireland. Has Brennan-Lander, Grant, Lawlor, Maher & Phillips relations in Castlecomer, Kilkenny, Ireland, England and Australia.

Dr George William Marshall 1839-1905

Published Collections for a Genealogical Account of the Family of Comberbach in 1866. The first One-Name Study of the Comberbach surname. His mother was Eliza Henshaw nee Comberbach.

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Where does Cumberbatch come from?

The Cumberbatch surname originates frome a place called Comberbach in Cheshire, England.

What does Cumberbatch mean?

Comberbach is a description of the topography of the place Comberbach in Cheshire, England. It means valley with a stream.

How can Cumberpatch originate from Cheshire?

Surnames often become written differently when a family moves away from where the surname is familiar. In the early 17th century a family moved from Cheshire to Northamptonshire and became the Cumberpatch family. The name was a miss-pronounciation of ‘p’ for ‘b’ and this spelling stuck. Anyone called Cumberpatch has ancestral roots in Northamptonshire.

How did Cumberbatch become so populare in Barbados?

Around 1715 a Comberbach family from Bristol, England settled in Barbados. On 8 March 1753 King George II gave his Royal Assent for Abraham Carleton to change his name to Abraham Carleton Cumberbatch to inherit sugar plantations in Barbados. When slavery was abolished in 1834 many former slaves on Cumberbatch owned plantations took, or were given, the surname Cumberbatch.

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