Cumberbatch of Barbados Arms

Cumberbatch Coat of Arms

Cumberbatch of Barbados Arms

Cumberbatch Coats of Arms

The coats of arms, bookplate and heraldry of people with the surname Cumberbatch.

By Bob Cumberbatch

Abraham Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch of Barbados Coat of Arms
  • Abraham Cumberbatch: there were three generations of these names. The first died 1753, the second 1785, and the third 1796. Lawrence Trent Cumberbatch also used these arms and these arms were used in a stained glass memorial, dedicated to Lawrence, located in the window directly behind the altar of St Peter's Church, Speightstown, St Peter, Barbados
  • Arms: Gules, an eagle displayed between three trefoils
  • Crest: An eagle's head couped
  • Motto: Ne Tentes Aut Perfice
  • Authority: His bookplate: Caribbeana Vol:3 Supplement, p. 21, (No. 179. From the collection of Sir A. Frank at the British Museum). Burke's General Armory 1884 ed. p.251. Monument in Bristol Cathedral; This coat of arms is available at Family Crests record number 21210