David Dunworth Lance Corporal Royal Navy Machine Gun Corps

David Dunworth Lance Corporal Royal Navy Machine Gun Corps. David’s father was in India when David was born and he was raised by his uncle Michael Dunworth.

David Dunworth Lance Corporal Royal Navy Machine Gun Corps. David’s father was in India when David was born and he was raised by his uncle Michael Dunworth.

David Dunworth 1894-1921

David Dunworth Lance Corporal Royal Navy Machine Gun Corps. David’s father was in India when David was born and he was raised by his uncle Michael Dunworth.

David Dunworth was born 27th September 1894 in Cork, County Cork, Ireland. He was the son of David Dunworth and Mary nee Allen. David’s father had been serving with the Royal Artillery in India for a few weeks when David was born. His father would serve in India for almost 11 years before returning to Ireland in 1905.

David was raised by his uncle Michael Dunworth. In the 1901 census David is a scholar living with his uncle in Cooreenfeeradda, Knockainy, Limerick, Ireland.

Private 5698 in the 5th Battalion of the Royal Munster Fusiliers Special Reserves 28 Jul 1911-27 Sep 1911

David Dunworth joined the 5th Battalion of the Royal Munster Special Reserve, which was a training militia, as Private 5698. He enlisted in the regular army on 28th July 1911 at Limerick giving his age as 18 years and 8 months when he was actually 15 years and 10 months. Ultimately, he wanted to join the Royal Munster Fusiliers.

On enlistment into the reserves he was described as:

  • Farm Labourer
  • Height: 5ft 5¾ inches
  • Weight: 113 lbs
  • Chest: 35 inches with 2 inches of expansion
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Roman Catholic: Yes
  • Distinctive marks:  Small scar on index finger left hand
  • 28 Jul 1911

The army applied to Sergeant Jones of the Royal Irish Constabulary for a reference:


Station: Limerick

Date: 28th July 1911

The Recruiting Officer Limerick presents his compliments to Sergt Jones RIC and begs the favour of replies to the following questions regarding David Dunworth a candidate for enlistment, who has referred the Commanding Officer for information regarding character, &c., to Mr. McInerny residing at Bruff

Description of the man

§  Age: 18 years 6 months

§  Height: 5 feet 5¾ inches

§  Complexion: Fresh

§  Eyes: grey

§  Hair Dark Brown

Does the above description answer in all respects to the man you know as [David Dunworth] Yes

How long have you personally known him? 2 years

When did you see him last to speak to? Fortnight ago

Has he ever been employed by you? No

Name and address of his employer: Mr McInerny, Bruff Hill, Bruff, Co Limerick

Character: (a) Sober, (b) honest (c) His father was in the Army

Served in forces before? Not to my knowledge

Married or single? Single

Signature of Referee Patrick Jones, RIC Bruff Kilmallock Sgt RIC 29 Jul 1911

The Officer Commanding the Royal Munster Fusiliers Special Reserve also filed a report on David when he enlisted in the regular army.

[Statement to be furnished without delay by the Officer Commanding the Special Reserve Unit to the man’s Commanding Officer, in the case of a Special Reservist enlisting in the Regular Army]

Officer Commanding Depot Royal Munster Fusiliers

The Officer Commanding Troops Limerick having notified the final approval for the Royal Munster Fusiliers MGC Regiment of No. 5698

§  Particulars of Training – 62 days

§  Character in the Special Reserve Good

§  Description when enlisted for the Special Reserve 27 July 1911

§  Age: 18 years 6 months

§  Height 5 feet 5¾ inches

§  Chest: 35 inches

§  Complexion: Fresh

§  Eyes: Grey

§  Hair: Dark Brown

§  Distinctive marks: Small scar index finger Left Hand

28th Sept 1911


5th Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers

Statement of Services in 5th Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers Special Reserve

  • RMF 5th Special Course of Training – Private from 28 June 1911 to 27 September 1911
  • Total service towards engagement in Army Reserve to 27 September 1911 (date of discharge) 62 days
  • Discharged in consequence of Joining Regular army RMF 28 September 1911
  • Limerick, 28 Sept 1911

David Dunworth in the Regular Army from 28th September 1911 to 21st February 1919

Private 9641 in the Royal Munster Fusiliers from 28th September 1911

David became Private 9641 Royal Munster Fusiliers when he enlisted with the regular army on 28th September 1911. He enlisted for five years in the army plus five years in the reserves. Now he is described as:

  • Birthplace: Bruff, in County Limerick
  • Declared age: 18 8/12 years
  • Occupation: Farm Labourer
  • Height: 5ft 6¼ inches
  • Weight: 120½ lbs
  • Chest: 35 inches with 2½ inches of expansion
  • Complexion: Fresh
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Roman Catholic: Yes
  • Physical Development: Good
  • Small pox marks: none
  • Vaccinations: 28 Sep 1911 Bears satisfactory marks of Vaccination done 2 months ago in Reserve
  • Vaccination marks: 2 left arm
  • When Vaccinated: In Reserve
  • Vision: Right eye 6/6 Left eye 6/6
  • Congenital peculiarity marks: none
  • Slight defects: none
  • Distinctive marks:  2 porhoric? stains in Lumber Region
  • Enlisted at Limerick 28th September 1911
  • Royal Munster Fusiliers 9641
  • 28 Sep 1911 at Limerick

He joined his regiment on 8th October 1911 at Tralee. He was posted to the RMF 2nd Battalion on 10 June 1912. He was admitted to the Connaught Hospital from 11 December 1912 to 13 December 1912 with a Bronchial Catarrh and spent 3 days in hospital; Cause: Slight Chill Expectorants. David remained in Ireland until 9 January 1913 which totalled 1 year 164 days.

Service Table

  • Tralee 8 Oct 1911 to 10 Jan 1912
  • Tidworth 11 Jan 1912 to 21 Nov 1912
  • Aldershot 21 Nov 1912

He then served in Burma and in India from 10 January 1913 to 8 December 1914 totalling 1 year 333 days. He was posted to the RMF 1st Battalion on 9 June 1913. Whilst in Rangoon, Burma he passed a qualification in Ambulance Duties at Rangoon on 13 October 1913.

East Indies Service

  • Rangoon, Burma from 10 February 1913 to 21 November 1914
  • He was awarded a Good Conduct Badge on 28 September 1913
  • He was admitted to the Rangoon Hospital from 6 December 1913 to 24 December 1913 with a Bronchial Catarrh 19 days in hospital; chill mild
  • He was admitted to the Rangoon Hospital from 10 June 1914 to 30 June 1914 with PUO [Pyrexia of unknown origin] and spent 21 days in hospital; negative to malaria, negative in Bile Culture
  • Calcutta, India from 25 November 1914 to 4 December 1914
  • HJ Corsican, troop ship 8 December 1914 to 11 January 1915
  • Coventry, England 11 January 1915

He then served in England from 9 December 1914 to 15 March 1915 totalling 97 days.

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (MEF) from 16th March 1915

David’s Uncle Michael Dunworth was concerned about David and his whereabouts so his Uncle wrote to the Army asking for the whereabouts of David.

21 Dec [19]14

G[un] Corps 20961 7808352

Mr Michael Dunworth

Kilaballyowen, Bruff, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Information wanted of Pr[iva]t[e] David Dunworth Royal Munster Fusiliers 9641 last heard from the 23 of July. He was then in Rangoon, Burma, India. His Uncle wants his whereabouts please answer. Mr Michael Dunworth.



9 Jan 1915

Sir, 31st Decr 9641 Private D Dunworth 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers and to state that he is still serving with his corps. If you wish to write to him address a letter C/o India Office, Whitehall, London, S.W. marked on it Indian Expeditionary Force.

Yours faithfully, EW Captain Offr i/c Records

Mr M Dunworth

Kilballyowen, Bruff

Co Limerick

Address: 23 May 1915

Mr Michael Dunworth

Kilballyowen, Bruff, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Dear Sir,

Information wanted by his uncle of Private David Dunworth 9641 1st Battalion 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers, 69 Division, 98 Brigade

I remain, yours.

The army confirmed to David’s Uncle Michael Dunworth that David was with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force and was not a casualty:

Infantry Conls

29 May 1915

Sir, undated received from the India Office, London, on 28 inst relative to No. 9641 Private D Dunworth, 1st RM Fusiliers and to inform you that so far as we know he is still serving with his battalion, address: 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. No casualty affecting him has been reported. Any casualty concerning him notified to this office will be at once communicated to you.

Yours faithfully

JGH 2nd Lieut. Asst Offr i/c Records

[To] Mr M Dunworth

Kilballyowen, Bruff, Co. Limerick

Whilst in Gallipoli with the Royal Munster Fusiliers 1st Battalion David was ‘awarded’ 21 days Forfeit of Pay No. 2 by the Officer Commanding the No. 2 Company Army Service Corps for using obscene language to the Company Sgt Major on 27 October 1915.

Private 20961 86th Brigade, Machine Gun Corps 27th February 1916

David transferred to the 86th Brigade Machine Gun Company as a Private on 27 February 1916. Some 170,500 officers and men served in the Machine Gun Corps, with 62,049 becoming casualties, including 12,498 killed, earning it the nickname ‘the Suicide Club‘. He arrived in Marseilles, France on 22nd March 1916. David was granted leave to return to the UK from 10 December 1916 to 20 December 1916.

He was admitted to the 89 Field Ambulance on 30 Oct 1917 and then treated at the 51 General Hospital at Etaples, France between 7th November 1916 to 19 January 1918 – 74 days with a Venereal sore. His pay was deducted for this period.

David was granted leave to return to the UK from 2nd March 1918 to 16th March 1918.

Private 7808352 63rd Battalion, Royal Navy, Machine Gun Corps from 28th January 1918 – 21st February 1919

David was posted to the 63rd Battalion as a Private on 28th January 1918

David was promoted to Lance Corporal, paid, in the 63rd Battalion on 31 December 1918

David was transported from Dieppe, France to Oswestry, UK for Demobilisation as Lance Corporal on 22 January 1919

He was transferred to Section “B” Army Reserve on Demobilization on 21st February 1919.


Unit: 63rd (Royal Navy) Battalion Machine Gun Corps

Regiment or Corps: Machine Gun Corps

Regtl No: 7808352 20961


Christin Names: David

Permanent Address: Kilballyowen, Knoackaney, Bruff, Co. Limerick

Age last birthday: 25

First joined for duty: 28 Sep 1911 at Limerick

Medical Category: A

David Dunworth’s Signature

Address: Knockaney, Bruff C/o Limerick

Height: 5-7

Chest: 36

Cap 7

Boots 9

Rifle Butt S

Complexion Fresh

Eyes Brown

Hair Dark Brown

Army Form W.5089

Section “B” Army Reserve, Machine Gun Corps

Regtl No. 7808352

Rank: Private

Name: Dunworth D

Date of attestation or from which service reckons: 28 Sep 1911

Terms of Service: 7 & 5

Date of transfer to Reserve: 21 Feb 1919

Date of receipt of Army Form D424 and transmission to Paymaster with Army FormW.5064 21 Feb 1919

Date of expiration of engagement: 27 Sep 1923

Year of Birth: 1893

Occupation: Farm Labourer

Medical Category: A

Whether married or single: Single

Date of becoming non-effective 21 Feb 1919

Next of Kin: Father David [Dunworth] America




Christina Names: David

Regtl. No. 20961 7808352

Rank: Private

Record Office: 91 York St, London

Unit: 63 (RN) Battalion[1]

Regiment or Corps: Machine Gun Corps

Pay Office: South Kensington

Address for Pay: Kilballyowen, Knockaney, Bruff, Co. Limerick

Theatre of War: France

Born in Year: 1893

Medical Category: A1

Place of rejoining in case of emergency: Nearest Infantry Depot

Specialist Military Qualification: Transport Services

No 1 Dispersal Unit 24 Jan 1919 Oswestry

No. 20961 7808352 Dunworth D

Notifies his address as Kilballyowen, Knockaney, Bruff, Co. Limerick.

6 Aug 1919 Paymaster notified

Emigration to New York, USA

David Dunworth emigrated to America aboard the SS Baltic destined for New York, USA on 18th June 1920. Ireland was a troubled place when David was discharged to the reserves in 1919. His Uncle Michael Dunworth explained in a letter in 1922:

Kilballyowen, Bruff, Co. Limerick

The Officer I/C Records Machine Gun & Tank Corps

Sir, I wish to thank you for your letter dated March 8 [1922] (Z.53 3679) addressed to my wife. I am Dunworth’s Uncle, & next of kin & as such drew separation all[owan]ce during the War.

I am sorry that my nephew left the country without obtaining permission owing to his being an Army Reservist he left hurriedly being unwilling to embroil himself in politics. If you so desire I can produce references of my nephew’s good conduct.

I will be glad to know you will overlook this error & should you be good enough to do so I will immediately write to New York for a copy of the death certificate. I am not in possession of the Identity Certificate. Kindly inform me what is the total of the unclaimed Balance & any other formality required by you.

I have the honor to be Sir your obedient servant, Michael Dunworth

Kilballyowen, Bruff, Co Lim[eric]k

As far as the Army were concerned David had forfeited his right to reserve pay as he had left Ireland without permission.

Army Form D. 443.

Reserve Forces Act, 1882.

Form of Certificate of Failure of a Man of the Army Reserve to comply with Regulations.

I, the undersigned, being appointed to pay the men belonging to the Army Reserve of the Machine Gun Corps do hereby certify that Dunworth D being a man in the Army Reserve of that Corps has failed on two consecutive occasions, viz.: in the months of June and September to comply with the Orders or Regulations in force under the Reserve Forces Act, 1882, with respect to the payment of the Army Reserve, in that, he has failed to report his address on AFD462

Signature EJ Davies 6 Oct 1920

The Officer i/c MGC Records Alexandra Palace (Station)

Machine Gun Corps – Having failed to report his address on two consecutive occasions in June & September 1920 under Reserve Forces Act 1882 is struck off strength of Section B Army Reserve 1 Apr 1920

WW1 Medals – David Dunworth

David Dunworth wrote to the Army to claim his medals from New York, USA. He was entitled to the 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals.


Machine Gun [Corps]

Alexandra Place, London, England

4 Aug 1921

Sir, In regards to your letter which I received a few days ago about my medals I cannot give you any date in regards to the time I was transferred from the R.M.F. [Royal Munster Fusiliers] to the A.S.C. [Army Service Corps] the only information I can give you is that I landed in the Peninsula with the R.M.F the first morning of the [document damaged] and in a few weeks later I was transferred to A.S.C. for transport duty where I remained until the evacuation and then proceeded to Egypt where I was transferred to M.G.C. [Machine Gun Corps] 29 Division 86 Brigade and then proceeded [to] France where I remained until the war was finished, so any further information I cannot give you about this matter so I would be very thankful to you [if you] would oblige me [by] sending my medals to


D Dunworth

C/O Roche, 136 West 63 St, New York City, America

D Dunworth No: 20961 Machine Gun Corps 86 Brigade 29 Division

David Dunworth died on 31st October 1921 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA. He was a Special Officer. He was buried 3rd November 1921 in the Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York, USA.

David’s medals remained unclaimed.

Medal Roll


1546. B

ROLL of INDIVIDUALS entitled to the Victory Medal and British War Medal under Army Orders 266 and 301 of 1919

Regimental No. Rank Name Unit Remarks
20961 Private Lance Corporal DUNWORTH David 9641 Royal Munster Fusiliers Private 7849/Adt Returned Undisposed


Section B. Army Reserve 21 Feb 1919

91 York Street, S.W.1.

2 Feb 1920

The British War Medal

The British War Medal, a silver medal, was approved in 1919. In the Army it was issued to those who entered a theatre of war on duty or rendered approved service overseas between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. It was issued without the Allied Victory Medal to certain regular and mobilised personnel who did not see any active service.

Machine Gun Corps

ROLL of INDIVIDUALS entitled to the Decoration granted under Army Order 20 of 1919 [1914-15 Star]

  Regimental No. Rank Name Date of Embarkation Remarks
1st Royal Munster Fusiliers 9641 Private DUNWORTH David 25 Apr 1915 (2B) [Balkans – Gallipoli] 20961 Lance Corporal Section B Army Reserve 21 Feb 1919

91 York St, Westminster, S.W.1.

22 Oct 1919

Medal Card




Regtl No.


Royal Munster Fusiliers



Machine Gun Corps (MGC)

Lance Corporal












British War & Victory Medals (undisposed of) C/W 475B 6 Mar 1923 7849/adt




 15 STAR

MGC 7/C/2





Theatre of War first served in

2B [Balkans]

Date of entry therein

25 Apr 1915







[1] The 63rd (Royal Naval) Division in 1914-1918  http://www.1914-1918.net/63div.htm