David Dunworth – Gunner 94074 Royal Garrison Artillery, Limerick

David was born 18 September 1872 in Knockaney, Bruff, Kilmallock, Limerick, Ireland. He was the second son of David Dunworth and his wife Bridget nee Irwin.

David joined the Limerick City Artillery around 1892. It was a local militia that provided training for budding soldiers. It was part of the Southern Division. In July 1892 the Limerick City Artillery were training at Fort Camden, Cork Harbour, Cork, Ireland.

David joined the regular army on 12th November 1892 at Templemore, County Tipperary. He joined the Royal Artillery as RA/94074 for a term of 7 years in the regular army plus 5 years in the reserves.

Description of David Dunworth on Enlistment

Age: 19 years 6 months

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 149 lbs

Chest: 35½ and 2 inches of expansion

Complexion: Dark

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark

Distinctive marks: Scar on back below right shoulder blade

After a medical examination David was passed as Fit for the Army in the Royal Artillery on 12th November 1892 at Templemore, County Tipperary.

David was posted to the 28 Company of the Royal Artillery, Southern Division on 14th December 1892.

He joined the 23 Company on 1st April 1894 and shortly afterwards David Dunworth married Mary Allen, daughter of William Allen, on 19th April, 1894 in St Coleman’s Cathedral, Cobh formerly Queenstown, County Cork, Ireland.

Within a few months of being married and before his son David was born, David senior was posted to India on 3rd September 1894.

On 27th September 1894, they had a son called David Dunworth and who was born in Cork, County Cork, Ireland. David’s father was serving in India where he would serve for almost 11 years until 22nd April 1905 and completely missing his son growing up.

David returned to Ireland on 23rd April 1905 after serving 10 years, 232 days in India. He was discharged at Spike Island on 18th August 1905 after completing his minimum term of 12 years. He had served for 12 years and 280 days to 18th August 1905. His character was described as “exemplary.” He was intending to live in Knockaney, Kilmallock, Limerick, Ireland.

I have not yet been able to determine what happened to David Dunworth or to his wife Mary Dunworth nee Allen. Their son David Dunworth was raised by his uncle Michael Dunworth and he would also join the army and fight in WW1. His service record is here and he describes his father as David America. Perhaps the father migrated to America.

STATEMENT of the SERVICES of No. RA/94074 David Dunworth

Service towards limited engagement reckons from 12 Nov 11892

Joined at Templemore on 16 Nov 1892


Battalion or Depot

Promotions, Reductions, Casualties etc

Army Rank


Royal Artillery Southern Division

Sub Depot (3)



12 Nov 1892

Royal Artillery Southern Division

28 Company



14 Dec 1892

Became Southern Division

23 Company



1 Apr 1894



Granted Good Conduct Pay at 1d


12 Nov 1894

Western Division

18 Company



1 Feb 1898



Elected to come under regulations governing issue of missing allowance in accordance with provisions of para 5 A.O.65 of 1898 & CL92


1 Jun 1898



Granted Good Conduct Pat at 2d


12 Nov 1898



Extended service to complete 12 years with colors


30 March 1901

Became RGA




1 Jan 1902










15 Apr 1902



Elects RL Wt A.O. 66/02 Granted CL[ass] 2 S[ervice] P[ay] 5d


1 Apr 1904



Re-engaged to complete 21 years service with the colours


24 May 1904



Granted 3rd Good Conduct Badge


12 Nov 1904





29 Mar 1905

D & RGA Cork Harbour




18 May 1905

Discharged at Spike Island 18 Aug 1905 (Free after 12 years)

Character exemplary

I.R. [Int Residence] Knockany, Co. Limerick


Total Service towards Engagement to 18 Aug 1905 (date of discharge) 12 years 280 days

Total Service towards Pension to 18 Aug 1905 (date of discharge) 12 years 280 days


Home 12 Nov 1892 to 2 Sep 1894 – 1 year 295 days

India 3 Sep 1894 to 22 Apr 1905 – 10 years 232 days

Home 23 Apr 1905 to 18 Aug 1905 – 113 days

Total: 12 years 280 days

Next of Kin: (Father) David, Knockaney, Co. Limerick Wife Mary 8 Geraldine Place, Cork

Particulars as to Marriage:

  1. Woman: Mary Allen Spinster
  2. Place: St Coleman’s Cathedral, Queenstown 19 May 1894
  3. Minister: Revd J Murphy-Aden
  4. Witnesses: John Houghton & Margaret Cotter

Character Exemplary

Int Residence Knoxavey [Knockaney], Co. Limerick