• Alice Beatrice Martha Cumberbatch

    Alice Beatrice Martha Cumberbatch

    Creator of the Cumberbatch Trophy Read More
  • Benedict Cumberbatch

    Benedict Cumberbatch

    CBE Read More
  • Claudia Vera Jones nee Cumberbatch

    Claudia Vera Jones nee Cumberbatch

    Autobiography Read More
  • Claudia Cumberbatch

    Claudia Cumberbatch

    Mother of the Notting Hill Carnival Read More
  • George William Marshall

    George William Marshall

    Comberbach Family Historian Read More
  • Harrington Cumberbatch

    Harrington Cumberbatch

    MBE Read More
  • Hugh Charles Cumberbatch

    Hugh Charles Cumberbatch

    Leaves £300,000 to Oxford University Read More
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