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    Bob Cumberbatch

    I have been researching my family history since 2000. Whilst I was born in London England, my father was born in Greenwich Village, St James, Barbados and my mother was born in Fano, Pesaro, Italy. My wife's family have ancestry in Ireland and England. 

  • About the Cumberbatch Surname Study

    The Cumberbatch surname study

    The Cumberbatch study has been registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies: Membership Number: 4039.

    A one-name study, or surname study, aims to research every recorded occurrence of the surname Cumberbatch and its many variant spellings. This is rather than researching information related to only one family's ancestors or the descendants from one individual or family.

  • Alice Beatrice Martha Cumberbatch

    Alice Beatrice Martha Cumberbatch


    A physically small, eccentric woman. Engaged to be married for 20 years and who sued her fiance for breach of promise when he married someone else. She chain smoked, only wore navy blue and made her own clothes. She also wrote for the Middlesex Gazette, she started the Fisherman's Benevolent Fund for Cromer, Norfolk fishermen. She raised money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI). She was Chairman of the West Middlesex Hospital, honorary member of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators and was granted freedom of the City of London on 8 December 1960. She also created The Cumberbatch Trophy which is annually awarded for improvements in the safety of flying.

  • Arthur Cumberbatch 1891-1918

  • Arthur Noel Cumberbatch 1895-1982

  • Atiba Joseph-Cumberbatch

    Port Authority Police officers Krzysztof Kutarnia, left, and Atiba Joseph-Cumberbatch

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    Officer Atiba Joseph-Cumberbatch helps with birth of boy on a train.

     10:00am Monday 16 January 2012
    “Blue Monday” so called due it being believed to be the most depressing day of the year was a “Blue Monday” for a different reason yesterday. NY Port Authority Officer Atiba Joseph-Cumberbatch and his partner Officer Krzysztof Kutarnia were called to help with the birth of a baby on a PATH train heading from New Jersey to mid-town New York City.

    By Bob Cumberbatch

  • Aubrey Cumberbatch born 1889

  • Benedict and Otter Reading FT

    Benedict Cumberbatch and an Otter

    Benedict Cumberbatch & An Otter After the run away success of Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Bailey found the missing piece of the puzzle, an otter reading the FT.

    No FT, No Comment!

    No otter was harmed during the making of this...

  • Benedict Cumberbatch

    Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch CBE

    Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch starred in the film Amazing Grace in which he played William Pitt The Younger. Elected as Prime Minister at the age of 24, William Pitt the Younger (1759-1806) is credited with encouraging Wilberforce to lead the abolitionist movement through political means. Pitt fell under the abolitionist movement. Wilberforce, however, disagreed and thought it beneficial to attempt peace with France. The pair reconciled within a few months and remained friends until Pitt's death in 1806, just one year before the slave trade was abolished.

    Benedict's paternal ancestors were sugar plantation owners on Barbados. His ancestors are why all of us with black ancestors called Cumberbatch inherited this surname.

  • Beresford Cumberbatch Private 14999

  • Beyond a Boundary Graham Trent Cumberbatch

    A Cricketing Cumberbatch Family

    Beyond a Boundary - Barbados cricket clubs were exclusively for whites until Graham Trent Cumberbatch changed the face of cricket by helping to establish the Spartan Cricket Club in 1893. The three Cs paved the way for the cricketing greats to come including one of the three Ws.

  • Bomber Command Memorial 1

    Grey Doyle Cumberbatch

    Bomber Command Memorial

    Sgt Greystone Doyle Cumberbatch, 1383404, is one of the 55,573 young men who gave their lives and will be commemorated when The Queen unveils the Bomber Command Memorial on Thursday 28th June 2012 in London, England.

  • Bomber Command Memorial 2

    Barbados Second Contingent

    The Barbados Second Contingent included 12 young men, six of whom gave their lives, all of whom will be commemorated when The Queen unveils the Bomber Command Memorial on Thursday 28th June 2012 in London, England.

    The Barbados Second Contingent were recruited for the RAF and departed Barbados in November 1940 aboard the S.S. Maaskerk. It comprised: C.P. King, J.S. Partridge, A.A. Walrond, J.L.L. Yearwood, M.R. Cuke, E. W. Barrow, G.D. Cumberbatch, A.P.C. Dunlop, H.E.S. Worme, G.A. Barrow, A.O. Weekes, B.F.H. Miller.

  • Cecil Cumberbatch Private 14998

  • Charles Alexander Cumberbatch 1882-

  • Charles Cumberbatch 1894-1947

  • Christopher Cumberbatch Private 16630

  • Claudia Cumberbatch Autobiography

    Claudia Jones' Autobiographical History

    Read the autobiography of Claudia Vera Cumberbatch aka Claudia Jones. "Mother of the Notting Hill Carnival."

    By Bob Cumberbatch

  • Claudia Vera Cumberbatch

    Claudia Vera Jones nee Cumberbatch

    "Mother of the Notting Hill Carnival"

  • Clyde Cumberbatch

    Clyde Cumberbatch

    Umpire Clyde Cumberbatch, right, with fellow umpire Lloyd Barker of Barbados. A fast bowler turned cricket umpire from Trinidad. Read about his career as a cricketer turned umpire.
    Growing up, I remember seeing Cricket Umpire Clyde Cumberbatch on the television. So I knew back then that there was another Cumberbatch out there. By Bob Cumberbatch