• Clyde Emmerton Cumberbatch

    In Memorian Clyde Emmerton CumberbatchDate Of Funeral - Saturday, February 25th, 2012

    CUMBERBATCH – Clyde Emmerton of Reece Land, Britton’s Hill, St. Michael entered into rest on February 10, 2012. Companion of Avindale Knight. Father of Andrew, Ann, Judy, Dianna, Glendene and Hyacinth. Grandfather of Sanchia, Toni, William, Rudi and many others. Brother of Marlene Smith, Faynita Williams, Keith Pollard, Leroy Burrowes and Cynthia Inniss (all of the U.S.A.), Maudine Reid (Canada), Elener Niccolls, Marry Cumberbatch and Eugene Bourne. Cousin of Dr. Michael Cumberbatch, Desmond, Lester and Glenroy Cumberbatch. Friend of Delon Asgill and Janelle Patrick. Relative of the Knight family. The funeral leaves Lyndhurst Funeral Home, Passage Road, St. Michael on Saturday, February 25, 2012 for Calvary Pentecostal Church, Vauxhall, Christ Church where relatives and friends are asked to meet at 2:00 p.m. for the service. The cortege will then proceed to Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, The Ridge, Christ Church for the interment. Flowers may be sent to Lyndhurst Funeral Home no later than 11:30 a.m. on Saturday.

  • Cumberbatch Coat of Arms

    Cumberbatch of Barbados Arms

    Cumberbatch Coats of Arms

    The coats of arms, bookplate and heraldry of people with the surname Cumberbatch.

    By Bob Cumberbatch

  • Cumberbatch Love Story

    Love Rose

    It must be love!

    A story of love for St Valentine's Day

    Edward Carleton Cumberbatch gives up £4.4m to marry his love Mary Gertrude Honoria Ashe, the daughter of a musician.

    By Bob Cumberbatch


  • Cumberbatch Meaning

    Comber (valley) of Comberbach Bach (stream) at Comberbach

    Cumberbatch is a modern variant spelling of the ancient surname Comberbach.

    Comberbach was inherited from a village called Comberbach. The village is located in Cheshire, England and is a topographical description of the place. The place-name Comberbach means "valley with a stream". 

    Read about the origin of the surname Cumberbatch.

  • Cumberbatch of Barbados

    Cumberbatch of Barbados in 1881
    Cumberbatch of Barbados in 1881

    Cumberbatch of Barbados in 1881

    The origin of the surname Cumberbatch in Barbados is located in the parish of St. Peter. This was the location of several Cumberbatch owned sugar plantations.

  • Cumberbatch of England

    Counts of Cumberbatchs in UK in 1881
    Counts of Cumberbatchs in UK in 1881

    Cumberbatchs in England, 1881 & 2001

    Cumberbatch is a surname based on a place called Comberbach which is a small village in Cheshire, England. These maps show the distribution of the surname by 1881.

  • Cumberbatch of USA

    Cumberbatchs USA 1880Cumberbatch of USA in 1880

    This map shows that there are very few Cumberbatchs in the USA in 1880. The growth of people with this surname in later years suggests that they immigrated to the USA from elsewhere. By Bob Cumberbatch

  • Cumberbatch Spelling Variations

    Cumberbatch has been spelt so many different ways. See here for a list of just some of the spelling variations that I have found and for an explanation to to how they may have happened.

  • Cumberbatch Trophy

    The coveted Cumberbatch Trophy is awarded annually for oustanding contributions to flight safety. Qantas, the Australian Airline, is the only airline ever to have won this prize twice. The trophy was created by Alice Martha Beatrice Cumberbatch and is now awarded by the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN) and is considered to be one of the Guild's most precious possessions.

  • Cuthbert Cumberbatch 1891-1941

  • DNA Project

    Cumberbatch DNA Project logo DNA research is an exciting development for family history and genealogy. That is why I have launched a DNA Project to discover more about people called Cumberbatch.

    Discover your Cumberbatch ancestry, your roots and your genetic cousins.

    By Bob Cumberbatch

  • DNA Project Background

    Cumberbatch DNA Project logo

    The Background to the Cumberbatch DNA Project

    The DNA Project will help to discover where people with this surname came from and how they are related. DNA can help to plug the gaps caused by a lack of paper records and can offer new avenues for research and further discovery. For instance, are all of the spelling variations derived from a single common ancestor? The paper records have not been able to reveal this. However, without the traditional paper based research the DNA results would be impossible to understand.

    This will be a complex DNA Project for a three primary reasons: 1) For the Cumberbatchs with English origins some individuals changed their surname from Comberbach or Cumberbatch to another. 2) Abraham Cumberbatch, the first Cumberbatch to arrive in Barbados, died with only daughters. His grandson changed his surname from Carleton to Cumberbatch in order to inherit. So the Y-DNA link to Bristol and Cheshire does not exist. 3) Finally, freed Barbados slaves took the surname from 1834 so whilst there are many called Cumberbatch I cannot tell how many may be genetically related.

    Discover your Cumberbatch ancestry, your roots and your genetic cousins.

    By Bob Cumberbatch

  • Edward Charles Cumberbatch 1898-1932

  • Edwin Cumberbatch 1880-1957

  • Edwin Walter Cumberbatch

  • Ephraim Cumberbatch 1894-1917

  • Frank Cumberbatch

  • Frank Cumberbatch 1890-1915

  • George Cumberbatch Private 11979

  • George Cumberbatch Private 15004