• Barbados Second Contingent

    Barbados Second Contingent Stamp

    The Barbados Second Contingent were recruited specifically for the RAF and left Barbados in November 1940 to join the armed forces fighting World War 2.

    The 12 men selected included Errol W. Barrow, who would survive the war, enter politics and eventually become Barbados' first Prime Minister (1966 - 1976).

    It also included Grey Doyle Cumberbatch born 1921 in St Lucy, Barbados.

    By Bob Cumberbatch www.cumberbatch.org

  • Bomber Command Memorial 1

    Grey Doyle Cumberbatch

    Bomber Command Memorial

    Sgt Greystone Doyle Cumberbatch, 1383404, is one of the 55,573 young men who gave their lives and will be commemorated when The Queen unveils the Bomber Command Memorial on Thursday 28th June 2012 in London, England.

  • Bomber Command Memorial 2

    Barbados Second Contingent

    The Barbados Second Contingent included 12 young men, six of whom gave their lives, all of whom will be commemorated when The Queen unveils the Bomber Command Memorial on Thursday 28th June 2012 in London, England.

    The Barbados Second Contingent were recruited for the RAF and departed Barbados in November 1940 aboard the S.S. Maaskerk. It comprised: C.P. King, J.S. Partridge, A.A. Walrond, J.L.L. Yearwood, M.R. Cuke, E. W. Barrow, G.D. Cumberbatch, A.P.C. Dunlop, H.E.S. Worme, G.A. Barrow, A.O. Weekes, B.F.H. Miller.

  • Daniel Lawlor 1895-1941

  • Duncan Spencer Cumberlege 1889-1975

  • Eric Charles Warner Cumberlege 1899-1970

  • Frederick Robert Cumberledge 1884-1943

  • Geoffrey Fenwick Jocelyn Cumberlege 1891-1979

  • Greystone Doyle Cumberbatch

    Greystone Doyle Cumberbatch

    Barbados' Second Contingent - RAF

    Greystone Grey Doyle Cumberbatch was killed when his Lancaster bomber crashed whilst attempting to land at an airfield in England during World War II.

    Grey was born in St Lucy, Barbados on 2 June 1921 and was one of twelve of Barabdos' "Second Contingent".

    He was the only son of Charles Wilkinson Cumberbatch and Octavia Cecily Clementina née Leacock.

    By Bob Cumberbatch www.cumberbatch.org

  • Henry Carlton Cumberbatch

    Henry Carlton Cumberbatch & Pauline Ellen Laing Congdon

    Commander Henry Carlton Cumberbatch

    The biography and service career of Henry Carlton Cumberbatch.

  • Robert Cecil Cumberbatch 1892-1970

  • War Graves St Swithuns

    War Graves at St Swithuns

    We Will Remember Them

    Six World War 2 graves at St Swithun's, Long Bennington, Lincolnshire, England. Immaculately maintained by Mr George Hamblet for many years.

    This is especially touching as none of the men were from Long Bennington. Three of the men were from Canada, one from Barbados and two from England. Normally, and at the request of the families, the bodies were transported to the areas where their families lived.

    One of the graves belongs to Greystone Doyle Cumberbatch born St Lucy, Barbados in 1921.

    By Bob Cumberbatch www.cumberbatch.org

  • William Phillips 1914-1943