About the Cumberbatch Surname Study

The Cumberbatch surname study

The Cumberbatch study has been registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies: Membership Number: 4039.

A one-name study, or surname study, aims to research every recorded occurrence of the surname Cumberbatch and its many variant spellings. This is rather than researching information related to only one family's ancestors or the descendants from one individual or family.

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Cumberbatch of USA

Cumberbatchs USA 1880Cumberbatch of USA in 1880

This map shows that there are very few Cumberbatchs in the USA in 1880. The growth of people with this surname in later years suggests that they immigrated to the USA from elsewhere. By Bob Cumberbatch www.cumberbatch.org

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Cumberbatch of England

Counts of Cumberbatchs in UK in 1881
Counts of Cumberbatchs in UK in 1881

Cumberbatchs in England, 1881 & 2001

Cumberbatch is a surname based on a place called Comberbach which is a small village in Cheshire, England. These maps show the distribution of the surname by 1881.

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Cumberbatch of Barbados

Cumberbatch of Barbados in 1881
Cumberbatch of Barbados in 1881

Cumberbatch of Barbados in 1881

The origin of the surname Cumberbatch in Barbados is located in the parish of St. Peter. This was the location of several Cumberbatch owned sugar plantations.

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Cumberbatch Meaning

Comber (valley) of Comberbach Bach (stream) at Comberbach

Cumberbatch is a modern variant spelling of the ancient surname Comberbach.

Comberbach was inherited from a village called Comberbach. The village is located in Cheshire, England and is a topographical description of the place. The place-name Comberbach means "valley with a stream". 

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