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Appendix - Copy of Paper in possession of Major-General Townshend

From the Original in the possession of Major General Townshend, of Trevallyn.

Elizabeth the daughter of Mr William Meakin was Born upon Wednesday the eight day of June, 1664, at her Fathers House in Namptwich at 8 o’clock in the Morning.

John the son of James Comberbach was born September ye 11 day, 1670, about 12 a clock at Night in Namptwich, Barker Street.

John Comberbach and Elizabeth were married February the 2th day 169⅔, by Mr P Lancaster in Namptwich Church, he being the Minister there at that time.

April ye 27 day 1694. My daughter Elizabeth Comber­bach was Born about a Quarter past 6 at Night in the house of Mr John Rutter by the churchyard side. God bless her, and give her true Wisdom. Amen.

June ye 30 day 1696. My daughter Jane Comberbach was born about 3 o’clock in the Morning, at the Churchyard side aforesd God Bless Her. Amen. Bror Matt Meakin, Godfather. Sister Jane Meakin and my sister Hawkins, Godmothers.

February ye 14 day 1699. my son James Comberbach was Born at my Hous in Barker Street, betwixt 6 & 7 o’clock in the morning it being Valentines day and Ashwednesday both happening together. God of his great Mercy Bless Him, he was Baptized March ye 6 day.

September ye 25 day 1706.   Dianah Comberbach was Born about half an hour past seven o’clock at Night, and was Baptized the 2nd day of October. God Bless her with his Grace. Amen.

May ye 1 day 1691. I John Comberbach began the Trade of Taning (sic).

I John Comberbach began the Business of Malting.

I John Comberbach Follow'd the Tanning trade Eighteen years and some odd months.

Elizabeth the Wife of John Comberbach departed this Life the 17 day of February 172¾ about half an hour before one a Clock in the Morning & was interred at Acton the 19th in the Evening in my Burying place there, it being Ash-Wednesday.