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Appendix - Monumental Inscriptions 

In the Churchyard at Bunbury, in Cheshire :-

­1......... daughter of John and Mary Comberbach, of Ha.. . . .

2. Here lieth the body of John C........ of Hau...... , ,

2. (sic) Here lieth the body of Mary the wife of John Comberbach, of Haughton, who died March the 10th 1760. Aged 3_ years.

4. Here lieth the body of Lettice Comberbach, of Ridley, who departed this life the 23d of December, 1761. Aged 63 years. Who was a tender parent and a kind friend. Also, Robert, husband of the above Lettice Comberbach, who died Oct. 2nd, 1765. Aged 70 years. Likewise Ann Comberbach, daughter of the above, who died February the 24th, 1802. Aged 74 years.

By R. Wright, Grandson†.

* See his monument, Ormerod's Cheshire, vol. i. p. 259 and p. 467.

†This inscription appears to have been renewed, hence the errors in the dates.

In the Churchyard, close to the chancel door, Prees, co. Salop :-

Sacred to the Memory of Suker Comberbach, late of the Sandy Lane, in this parish, who departed this life January 17th, 1787. Aged 36 years. Also in Respectful Memory of Mary, his wife, who died in Manchester, May 15th, 1810. Aged 55 years.

In the South Transept, on the floor, at Acton Burnall, co. Salop :-

­Sacred to the memory of John Comberbach of Langley, 3rd son of the late John Comberbach, Esquire, and Mary his wife, of Haughton Hall, in the county of Chester. Who died Sep­tember 18th, 1828. Aged 75. 

In the Churchyard at Wavertree, in Lancashire :-

 In Memory of Peggy, wife of Peter Comberbach, who departed this life December .... 1807. Aged 61 years. Also of the said Peter Comberbach*, of Wavertree, who departed this life the 3rd of October, 1815. Aged 60 years. Here also rest the mortal remains of Peter-Comberbach Brydon, the eldest son of William and Mary-Ann Brydon, who was born August 11th, 1810, and departed this life, June 11th, 1831. Also Margaret, daughter of the above Peter and Peggy Comberbach, who died on the 16th February, 1857. Aged 69 years.

In the Churchyard at Sandbach in Cheshire, near the tower:­-

Underneath this stone Doth Lye the Body of Joseph Comber­bach, who Dyed the 9th Day of March, 1743. Aged 56. And also Mary, his wife, who Dyed the 23 day of March, 1754.        Aged 70. And also Joseph Comberbach, their son, Town Clark of the Borough of Macclesfield, who departed this life y 21st June 1764. Aged 51.

He hath left behind him the Remembrance of every endearing Virtue more durable than that of Brass or Marble, and his death may be Justly esteemed a public Loss. 

On the South side of the Church :­-

Here lie the Remains of Elizth Wheelock, was here interred Nov. the 11th 1772. Aged 79. Also Mary Comberbach, daughter of Benjamin Stanway, of Betchton, was here interred April the 22nd 1772. Aged 19 years. Also the remains of the said Benjamin Stanway, was here interred Oct. the 3d, 1783. Aged 76.

In the Church at Nether Peover, in Cheshire, on a brass plate upon the floor, close to the font :­

Depositum Ri: Comberbach hujus Eccles: Minis: Non: jur: Qui Scholam ædificavit et dotavit. 645lb.*

Qui Panes Eleemosynarios 12denar: omni Die         Dominico in Perpetuum dedit Pauperibus cum Benedictione. Amen. A.D. 1722.     Ætat: 80.

Fixed against a pillar next the font is a shelf with this inscription :­-

Blessing and Bread to the Poor for Ever, by R. C., 1722.

The School which Mr. Comberbach founded is near to the Church and is a very dilapidated building ; over the door is this inscription :­

Deo et Ecclesiæ hanc domunculam in usum scholae humillime dedicat Ri: Comberbach: 1710. Postea dotavit. £645.

In the Churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Brompton :-

Here are deposited the mortal parts of Laurentia Trent Cumberbatch, who died the 10th of May, 1851, aged 25 years. And of her sister Rosalie Geraldine Cumberbatch, who died the 9th of October, 1851, aged 21 years. Sleeping in Jesus. Also Lawrence Trent Comberbatch, who died the 24th of February, 1858, aged 4 months.

Upon a gravestone in St. Oswald's Churchyard, Chester:-

­Samuel Turner, died March 20th, 1829. Aged 79.

Charity Turner, wife of the above, died April 4, 1832. Aged 79.

Thomas Turner, son of the above, died July 13, 1844. Aged 65.

Comberbach Turner, died December, 8th 1847. Aged 57 years.

In the Churchyard at Great Ness, co. Salop, close to north wall of the Chancel:­

In Memory of Mary* the sec.... wife of John Edwards ...... of Shrewsbury, now of Great N .......................... hn Comberbach,............ 17.... Aged ....

* This was Mary daughter of John Comberbach of Shrewsbury; she died 4 Feb. 1764. See Burke's History of hte Commoners, Vol. II., p.81. The name of John Comberbach's wife was Mary, she was living 2 Feb. 1738-9, at which time administration of his effects was granted to his daughter Mary Comberbach. He is therein described as of St Alkmund's parish in Shrewsbury, skinner. A John Comberbach of Shrewsbury, skinner, was a party to articles of agreement before marriage between Hannah Lovett and Samuel Williamson (see page 35). I therefore conclude that he was related to the Haughton family.