Benedict and Otter Reading FT

Benedict Cumberbatch and an Otter

Benedict Cumberbatch & An Otter After the run away success of Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Bailey found the missing piece of the puzzle, an otter reading the FT.

No FT, No Comment!

No otter was harmed during the making of this...

Origin of the Species

Abraham Carleton Cumberbatch 1727 - 1785

Cumberbatch: Origin of the Species

It is rare to know exactly who, what, where, when, why and how a surname came to be. However, the surname Cumberbatch has two very distinct origins. Firstly, and historically, it is a variant spelling of an English village in Cheshire called Comberbach. Secondly, it originated in Barbados, on Christmas Day 1750 and King George II gave his Royal Assent, on 8 March 1753 to an Act of Parliament to grant the surname Cumberbatch to Abraham Carleton.
By Bob Cumberbatch

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