Cumberbatchs USA 1880

Maps showing Cumberbatch in USA

Maps showing Cumberbatch in USA. These show the place of origin, concentrations, distribution and the movement of Cumberbatch families from 1880 census.

Maps showing Cumberbatch in USA show the this surname arrived there realtively late.

Cumberbatch of USA in 1880

This map shows that there are very few Cumberbatchs in the USA in 1880. The growth of people with this surname in later years suggests that they immigrated to the USA from elsewhere.

Cumberbatchs USA 1880
Counts of Cumberbatchs in USA in 1880

Cumberbatch of USA in 1880

Maps showing Cumberbatch in USA in 1880. These are counts of Cumberbatchs, and their variants, found in the 1880 census of the USA. Only 2 of the 122,who were Cumberlidges, were born in the West Indies, but I cannot ascertain if they were born in Barbados. Their father, a boiler maker, was born in England. It would appear that many immigrants from Barbados would arrive in the USA later.

Surname variants found:

Cumberledge : 85

Camberledge : 11

Cumberlege : 9

Cumberlidge : 8

Cumberbatch : 5

Cumblidge : 2

Cumberbeach : 1

Cumberbirch : 1


The small amout of Cumberbatchs suggests that the later growth in the surname there were as a result of immigration.