Mark Cumberpatch 1884-1972

Mark Cumberpatch

Driver T/364749 Royal Army Service Corps

Mark Cumberpatch was born in Moulton, Northamptonshire on 25 April 1884. He was baptised at Moulton on 1 June 1884.
Mark's WW1 Service Career:

  • 4th Battalion The Essex Regiment No: 5906
  • 4th Battalion The Essex Regiment No: 201984
  • RASC No: T/364749

Mark married Lily Naomi York nee Jones in Brixworth, Northampton in 1920. They had:

  • Alfred J Cumberpatch born in 1921
  • Gertrude V Cumberpatch born in 1923
  • Geoffrey Cumberpatch born in 1927

Mark died in 1972 and his wife Lily Naomi Cumberpatch died in 1971.


WW1 Pension record Mark Cumberpatch

Regimental No: 364749

Rank: Driver

Name: Mark Cumberpatch

Regiment: RASC Royal Army Service Corps

Discharge: 18 Mar 1919

1 Northampton Road, Moulton, Northants

Award Sheet – First Award

Surname: Cumberpatch

Christian Names: Mark

Regiment: RASC

Rank: Driver

Regimental No.: T/364749

Date of Transfer: 8 Mar 1919

Cause of Discharge: Transfer to Z Reserve

Enlisted: 29 Jan 1917


Final Weekly Allowance: Heart trouble – ducts – less than 20% [disablement] 5/6 / 26w Final


Unit: 243 Company

Regiment: RASC

Regimental No:. T 364749

Rank: Driver

Surname: Cumberpatch

Christian Names: Mark

Permanent Address: 1 Northampton Rd, Moulton, Northants

Age last birthday: 36

First joined for duty: 28 Jan 1917 at Northampton

In what countries have you served: England 28 Jan 1917 to present time Infantry, later RASC

If you are suffering from any disease: Heart Trouble; Started: Early March 1917. Cause: Fall in Training.

National Health Approved Society: Manchester Unity of Oddfellows

Name and address of last employed: N H Forster Perey Road, Northampton

Industrial Group: Farm Labourer, Agriculture

Place of Examination: Ripon 4th Feb 1919


Each disability claimed: Heart Trouble, Started March 1917 in England whilst training

This man has tachycardia. There is no organic lesion of heart. He is ___ to a slight degree which would account for his tachycardia.

Present condition: Comes over dizzy, Heart occasionally murmurs

Attributed to service during the war: Yes, Stress of Training

Is the disability in a final stationary condition: No

Re-examine in 12 months

Degree of disablement: less than twenty; 25% [when re-examined]

Unit to which attested: 53rd Bedford Regiment

Casualty Form – Active Service

Regiment: ASC

Rank: Private Driver

Surname: Cumberpatch

Christian Names: Mark

Religion: CofE

Age on Enlistment: 34 years 6 months

Enlisted: 29 Jan 1917

Terms of Service: Duration of War

Service reckons from 29 Jan 1917

Occupation: Group 1 Farm Labourer

Transferred to 2nd Res H.T. Depot ASC Blackheath 29 Sep 1917, Authority WO Letter 115/Inf/3370 AG24 d: 17 Sep 1917

OC2 R.H.T. Depot Further Service Driver Blackheath Allotted Corps No T/364749


Birthplace: Parish: Moulton

County: Northants

Examined: 29th September 1916 at Northampton

Age: 34 years 6 months

Occupation: Farm Labourer

Height: 5 feet 3½ inches

Weight: 129 lbs

Chest: 36 inches expanded with 2 inches of expansion

Right Eye: 6/9 Left Eye: 6/9

Marks indicating congenital peculiarities or previous disease: sear of operation left inguinal hernia good result

Slight defects: Chest clear

Enlisted at Northampton 29th January 1917

Joined on Enlistment:

  • 4 th Battalion The Essex Regiment No: 5906
  • 4 th Battalion The Essex Regiment No: 201984
  • ASC No: T/364749

12 Feb 1917 Vaccinated

19 Sep 1917 Examined by No 3 JMB at Crabon Camp and placed in Category B1 (one)

4 Jan 1918 BII (Two) Six Months

Ripon 20 Sep 1918 Cat: BII(two) six months