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The Background to the Cumberbatch DNA Project

The DNA Project will help to discover where people with this surname came from and how they are related. DNA can help to plug the gaps caused by a lack of paper records and can offer new avenues for research and further discovery. For instance, are all of the spelling variations derived from a single common ancestor? The paper records have not been able to reveal this. However, without the traditional paper based research the DNA results would be impossible to understand.

This will be a complex DNA Project for a three primary reasons: 1) For the Cumberbatchs with English origins some individuals changed their surname from Comberbach or Cumberbatch to another. 2) Abraham Cumberbatch, the first Cumberbatch to arrive in Barbados, died with only daughters. His grandson changed his surname from Carleton to Cumberbatch in order to inherit. So the Y-DNA link to Bristol and Cheshire does not exist. 3) Finally, freed Barbados slaves took the surname from 1834 so whilst there are many called Cumberbatch I cannot tell how many may be genetically related.

Discover your Cumberbatch ancestry, your roots and your genetic cousins.

By Bob Cumberbatch www.cumberbatch.org

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